AB - AD Combo


The Nautilus Nitro Abduction / Adduction provides abduction and adduction training at once to users looking to train their abductor and adductor muscles. This Nautilus machine can work directly on two muscle groups but still provide faster fitness results. A Nautilus Nitro Abduction / Adduction comes with easily adjustable workout arms for varied starting positions and an adjustable back pad for desired torso positioning that can provide an optimal muscle involvement in every movement. In addition, it boasts its highly accessible forward-facing weight stack location within reach without getting off it for optimum privacy. Overall, the Nautilus Nitro Abduction/Adduction includes compact and ergonomic features for an effective abductor and adductor training in one machine. Its adduction function works the three adductors, namely the longus, brevis and magnus while its abduction function targets the tensor fasciae latae as well as the gluteus maximus, minimus and medius. Beginners to advance trainees can depend on this unit or developing abductor and adductor strength, balance and coordination.



Back Extension



The Life Fitness Signature Series Back Extension  is a unique gym set with responsive features that work for the best of your body. Its foot plate is adjustable to suit every gym user regardless of the size or level of perfection in the gym world. Better still the trainer must not necessarily move from place to pace. These adjustments can be made from the comfort of your seat. The superb tool allows individual users to achieve the correct position relative to the axis of rotation using its lumbar pad. Its start position is adjustable in five positions to match an individual’s range of motion. It has handgrips made of a non-absorbing extruded thermo rubber compound that gives them a perfect grip. These grips are resistant to wear and tear and are supported in place by use of aluminum collars. All pads utilize contoured cushions made of high density foam for maximum comfort and durability.


Chest Press



Signature Series Chest Press is a diverse machine with all parts forming it perfectly engineered to give an adequately functioning system. This tool meets the highest levels of durability and comfort with its high quality accessories. Unique about the set is its overhead pivot that creates a natural arc of motion making routines a highly efficient. Another fascinating feature about the Life Fitness Signature Series Chest Press is its start lever that is adjustable and rests on the press arm allowing the user to control the range of movement from resting position.



Horizontal Calf

The Plate-Loaded Super Horizontal Calf is designed to move resistance to the hips instead of the spine, and train both the gastrocnemius and soleus muscle motions.


Olympic Bench Press


Free weight training is an important workout program component because it offers a controllable exercise to suit every user’s muscle ability with the use of an Olympic plate weight that he can manage. The Life Fitness Signature Olympic Flat Bench welcomes isotonic training of the pectoral muscles in order to improve sports performance and to develop well-toned chest using Olympic press movements in a highly controllable and supportive free weight tool.


Olympic Incline Bench



Olympic Incline bench presses said more effective than traditional presses because they demand more and work the muscle harder. It targets the middle and upper part of the chest for better proportion and power. Users looking to develop fullness and thickness in their chest as well as in sculpting the front shoulders can depend on the Life Fitness Signature Olympic Incline Bench. It is made up with quality parts and components that do not falter no matter how heavy the training demand in a facility is. It comes with the 30-degree angled back pad, protective racking system, contoured cushioning system, urethane paint guards, handgrips, structural steel frame, protective wear guards, rubber feet and spotter stand.

Shoulder Press

Get your upper body worked to perfection with the Life Fitness Pro2 Shoulder Press. It has arms movement that counter balance to ensure a reduced starting resistance hence encourages users. It has thigh pads adjustable from a seated position to allow the user achieve a correct alignment to the well-marked axis of rotation. As a result, the adjustable thigh pad improves the stability of the machine. Unique to this gym tool is the set of grips it gives a gym enthusiast to choose from, the best is its neutral position for anatomical restrictions and individual preference.For complete comfort and durability, the seats are made of contour cushions of high quality foam. Handgrips are made of a non-absorbing extruded thermo rubber compound that is resistant to wear and tear for prolonged use. For convenience and safety of use, the grips are reinforced with aluminum caps to prevent slipping.


Iso Lateral Bench Press


A Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Bench Press can provide better results other than using a traditional bench press machine because it has a horizontal grip option that supports muscle simulation.

A Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Bench Press is a ground base machine that works as the user move because it is movement-based and not muscle-based, so it targets various muscle groups at once. With it, users get total strength training and take advantage of functional benefits.This Iso Lateral Bench Press provides a low starting resistance, replicates real life movement and provides a safe, controllable and repeatable training environment. An Iso Lateral Bench Press has an upright positioning for user entry and exit. Users can target the pectorals, deltoids including the front, lateral and rear, lats and abdominals with this Iso Lateral Bench Press. A few goals for using it are to increase the flexibility and strength of the lats, to distribute weight evenly to all the muscle groups recruited and to reduce or prevent injuries from using free weights.


Lying Leg Curl



The Lying Leg Curl is a space-saving and intelligently designed training machine has a step through design for an easy entry and exit and that gives convenience in training.

A Lying Leg Curl features cylindrical cushions that can be automatically adjusted to adapt to a user’s leg length and has standard cushioning that can offer greater support as well as comfort to the user. It also has wider arms for accommodating all users in the supine position and come with grip zones along with high-density, textured and closed end foam for giving that correct workout control in training. This Lying Leg Curl also features a step through design that makes entry and exit easier and has self-aligning support roller pads that caters to almost all user leg length.

Working as a two-in-one machine, the Lying Leg Curl can train the hamstrings in isolation and pull force (lying leg curl function). It can also work the quadriceps, in particular to the vastus medialis, vastus intermedialis, vastus lateralis and rectus femoris (leg extension). Both functions are meant for improving balance and coordination as well as in developing strength of these muscle groups for sports or function.


Plate Tree


Any fitness club member or home user who wants to buy durable gym equipment in particular to plate trees may want to choose the Maxicam Horizontal Olympic Plate Tree, a free weight piece for keeping or storing their weight plates as well as in helping them build their muscles through free weights. The reconditioned Maxicam Horizontal Olympic Plate Tree is one of the most desirable plate trees in its class due to its stability and design.

This product is one of the best of its kind because it allows the proper storage of Olympic plates so that one’s gym at home or corporate center would be organized and so that users will find it easier to replace or remove weight plates. It also comes with wear guards that can protect its surface from scratch of hitting metals.


Seated Bicep


Seated Bicep offers a traditional preacher curl user positioning, allows variable resistance profiling for increased resistance over using free weights and comes with rotatable handles for varied user forearm length.

Beginners can perform routines using the Seated Bicep that target the biceps and the forearms to improve and stabilize strength.  Users are advised to have their natural position, but they can adjust the seat height when needed. With Seated Bicep that supports sitting upright and keeping the core tight, users can achieve equal strength development because they can use one or both limbs, or use varied or alternating weights for each of it.




The Pro Triceps Extension is a gym set designed to suit a wide range of users. With its different exercise movements, the machine is suitable for all users from trainees to active gym men and professional gym gurus. An example is the handle that automatically adjusts to fit varying lengths of the forearm.

Triceps Extension has counter-balanced movement arms that ensure a minimal starting resistance for the exercise. The gym set comes with optional rear weight stack shrouds and easy-to-read manual cum instructional placards. These 2D placards offer clear guidelines on the use of the machine in performing different workouts. For a friction free and durable machine, the set has a pulley system with pulleys and cables. Both are made of nylon impregnated with fiberglass for durability and featured with ball bearings for ease of motion.